Sillí Sauces 250ml

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Sillí Sauces are a small artisan Hot Sauce company based between West Clare and Limerick. They believe that flavour is just as important as heat when it comes to making their signature sauces. All sauces are handmade in small batches using the freshest fruits and vegetables.  All of the 3 Main Silli Sauces are 

  • Gluten free 
  • Vegetarian 
  • Low calorie
  • Health

Púca Ghost Chilli 5/5

This sauce is for the real spice lovers out there. Using the naga ghost chilli from northern India this sauce packs a punch aswell as having great flavours from the fresh fruits and vegetables it contains. You will not be disappointed.

Sweet and Spicy  3/5

This is the mid of the range in spice and is made with fresh red chillies, bell peppers and pineapple. Finished and sweetened with Honey to deliver a great taste.

Jalapenos , Mango and Pineaple 2/5 spice

This sauce has a fresh fruity taste followed by the little kick delivered by the jalapenos. It is perfect to use as a dressing as well as used as your everyday hot sauce.

2 Sauces for just €10